About Giro d'Italia Game


In Giro d'Italia Game you are the cycling director of your own team! Play against your family and friends in your own league or against thousands of other players.

You start with € 5.000.000,- to invest. Buy and sell, allocate your money strategically and increase the value of your team. At the end of the race, the player with the highest teamvalue wins the game!

As your resources are limited, you need to decide which riders you purchase. A young talented rider could be priced cheap and can increase in value if they perform well, however, young riders are often unpredictable. The higher valued riders score generally more prize money, but with which rider are you maximizing your investment? You can sell your riders, but if you sell within 5 days of buying, you pay a sales tax. So you need to time your transfers strategically.

Adjust your team for the sprint stages or the high mountains. Diversify your team with young talents, established riders or 'dark horse' guesses. At the end of the Giro d'Italia we will know which strategy is victorious.

Good luck!