You start with a 5.000.000,- budget with which you can buy up to 12 riders for your team. The goal of the game is simple: increase the value of your team and beat the other players!

Rules summary

The rules are explained in more detail below, but here are the bullet points.

  • Startup phase from September 27 (10:00 CET) to October 3 (12:00 CET) in which prices remain fixed.
  • Starting budget of 5.000.000
  • Buy up to 12 riders
  • Earn money: score prizemoney or sell riders at a profit
  • Buy and sell any time of the day
  • Salestax of 5% of the rider value which decreases with 1% point after the start of each stage
  • Rider prices increase/decrease with 100,- after every transaction

Start of the game

The game starts with a startup phase. From September 27 (10:00 CET) untill October 3 (12:00 CET) you can buy and sell riders without salestax and rider prices will be fixed. After this period the game really starts and prices start to fluctuate. After each purchase of a rider, the price increases with 100,-. Similarly, after each sale, the price drops with 100,-. More on this later.

End of the game

The market closes after the start of the final stage. The winner of the 2020 Giro d'Italia game will be known once the final results have been processed.

How to increase the value of my team?

Your teamvalue is the total value of your riders plus cash. The value of your team increases in two ways: (1) by earning prizemoney and (2) when the value of riders on your team increases. Riders score prize money if they finish in the top-15 of the stage, for leading in the classifications, intermediate sprints and the final classifications. The prize money is added to your cash position. Rider values fluctuate depending on how many times they are purchased.


For the following results is prizemoney awarded. You receive prizemoney for a rider if you have purchased him before the start of the stage and have not sold untill after the finish. For the final classifications you need to have bought the rider before the start of stage 3. To receive the prizemoney for the leaders in classifications, you need to have bought the rider before the start of the stage in which he takes the lead. Prizemoney is computed between 5 and 30 minutes after the finish. If you sell your rider after the finish but before prizemoney is computed, you still receive the prizemoney. The time of the finish is what counts.

For stage and final GC.
ResultFinal GCStage

For final subclassifications.
ResultPoints Final GCKOM Final GCYouth Final GC

For leading in the classifications.

For intermediate sprints.
ResultSprintKOM (HC)KOM (1)KOM (2)KOM (3)KOM (4)


You can buy riders at any time of the day. It is allowed to buy any rider if you have enough cash on hand. The maximum number of riders on your team is 12, but you may have less.


Riders can be sold at any time during the day. However, when you sell a rider within 5 days of buying, you need to pay a salestax. This salestax starts at 5% and drops with 1% point after the start of each stage. For example, if you buy a rider for 100.000,- and sell him directly, you pay 5.000,- salestax. If you sell after 2 stages, you pay 3.000,- (3%). If you sell after 5 stages, you pay nothing.

How are riders valued?

The value of a rider during the game is determined the following formula:

RiderPrice = [BasePrice] + 100 * [#Teams]

The BasePrice is determined according an initial ranking and is computed before the market opens. The highest ranked rider receives a baseprice of 1.000.000,- and the last rider receives a baseprice of 100.000,-. When the game really begins on October 3, the baseprice is decreases with 100*#Teams. For example: if a rider costs 200.000 and is purchased 100 times, the baseprice becomes 200.000 - 100*100 = 190.000. Because the formula now applies, the price will be 190.000 + 100*100 = 200.000, so exactly the starting price. However, now for every purchase the price increases with 100,- and for every sale the price decreases width 100,-.

If a rider is added to the startlist, it will be directly added to the game and assigned a baseprice. This will not affect baseprices of other riders already in the game. If a rider is removed from the startlist, it will be removed from the game. This also will not affect baseprices of other riders. Riders that are on your team that are not on the final startlist, will be automatically removed from your team. The value of the rider is returned to your account in cash.


  • At unforeseen circumstances we hold the right to make decisions that are necessary for the benefit of the game. Such a decision will always be reported on the website, along with an explanation.
  • In the tragic event of the death (or life threatening injury) of a rider, the value of the rider before the news was reported is refunded. All transactions after that point will be made undone, so there is no need to quickly sell in such a case.
  • While it is perfectly possible to have multiple player accounts to pursue diverse strategies, it is not allowed to solely support a single team by buying the same riders. In obvious cases, we can take out the supporting teams.
  • It can occur that a rider is disqualified from the result. In this case the already awarded prize money is recomputed. In some cases, this could lead to your cash position being negative. This situation will resolve itself when new prize money is awarded or once you sell a rider. Recomputation of prize money is done at the latest 3 days after the day of racing.
  • When you buy a rider before the start of the Tour de France that ultimately does not start, you get a automatic refund of your purchase price.